How to increase your homes value and appearance by adding a Fence

For a house to have good value in the market it

must be attractive to enable it to access ready market while attracting
potential buyers. This is essential due to high level of competition in the
trending market.


Making key home improvements should be pivotal
in increasing your chances of disposing your house. The market is relatively
competitive so to have access to ready market you need to stand out. Therefore,
although fencing sounds trivial it is one of the ways to improve the value of a


Installing a fence in your homestead for
privacy purposes will substantially enhance marketability for your home with potential
buyers when selling. Most homeowners possess pets, such as dogs and may be
reluctant to buy a premise without a fence due to the need to construct a new
one due to the high cost of materials. The relative cost for setting up a
standard fence can stretch to approximately USD 1,000 – $ 5,000 in most real
estate areas; depending on the quality of materials utilized and size of the


However, this does not imply that using any
type of fence will substantially increase the value of your home. A chain like
fence is relatively cost effective but the resale value in addition to it, is
not significant. However, privacy wood fences and solid fences like concrete or
cast iron can generate a profit of at least 50% of the material and
installation costs upon resale. Hence, the quality of the fencing material also
plays a key role in determining the value of the property during disposal.


Some home owners do not evaluate the value of a
fence in monetary terms. The homeowners tend to appreciate the added privacy of
having a backyard fence. In addition to the aesthetic value associated with their
decorative benefit which enlightens the appearance of the yard and the entire home
in totality. The aesthetics and privacy aspects tend to have homeowners
outweighs the potential loss of profits when selling.


Just like any other factor in enhancing the
value of the home, fence placement play a key role when factoring in value
assessments. This is according to expert recommendation such as the fence contractor in Knoxville, tn. A privacy
fence in the front yard may reduce the general attractiveness of the home but it may increase
the value in the backyard. Therefore, fence positioning is an important
consideration in the home valuation.