My Drunk Kitchen: Macho Gazpacho

Boo boop.
Hello! My February tomatoes are quite firm.
Oh, yeah.
Should I be measuring? Nah.
I like you guys. This is a fun show.
(mellow music)
♫ Young man, you’re a sensitive guy,
♫ I said young man, well it’s okay to cry,
♫ I said young man, it is better to have,
♫ Complex e-mo-tions than to kill somebody ♫
Hey guys, this week on My Drunk Kitchen
we’re discussing gender roles.
And that tall order calls for a tall boy.
Mmmm. We’re going to be making a macho gazpacho.
Using this blender, this bowl of ice,
And all of these ingredients that I have to chop.
Ah, man. Mmm.
For those of you who don’t know,
a gazpacho is a cold, vegetabley soup. (burps)
Step one Cut, core, and quarter the tomatoes.
Two ripe tomatoes. (hums)
Now for those of you My Drunk Kitchen enthusiasts
who are pointing out that I’m using a sharp knife,
it is only because my skills have been proved exponentially.
However, I do not condone in any way shape or form
the use of sharp objects in drunk settings.
Period. Fun fact. Don’t be an idiot.
Be yourself, but the smartest version.
These quartered tomatoes are much like something.
It’s like taking a young boy and reshaping him
into your image of what a “man” means to be.
With young men, you see a higher dropout rate,
more prone to addiction, more prone to violence,
and more prone to suicide. That sucks!
Why could that be? I dunno.
Maybe it’s because we tell half of our children
that it’s not okay to cry?
That’s so messed up!
Ugh, ugh. (sound effects)
Beautiful. Next add salt.
It calls for a slightly heaping tablespoon, so.
You know, do this for a while.
One small green bell pepper.
I have a green bell pepper, and some small peppers.
But not one small green pepper.
(upbeat jazzy music)
Another thing I want to say is that
not only is it bad to encourage boys
to be emotionally repressive, I also think it’s sad
to discourage them from being physically affectionate.
I can’t imagine what it’d be like not
to be able to comfortably hug, or touch, or embrace
any of my friends because somebody would
call me an offensive slur, or say I’m being
something that I’m not supposed to be.
I mean, we’re judging these kids
for wanting to hug each other?
The next ingredient is one medium cucumber.
I only have one large cucumber, so I’m gonna cut it in half.
In America, we have this weird, outdated,
puritanical view of it, where it’s like,
“Whoa! You can’t hug your bro! That’s so gay!”
What’s wrong with being gay again?
Oh right, nothing. Etcetera.
Next add onion, garlic.
You’re supposed to chop the onion and the garlic,
but, this is a Ninja.
Show me what you got.
We’ll see about that.
Three cups of tomato juice.
Fun fact I don’t have tomato juice.
But I do have leftover pasta sauce.
Same thing.
(upbeat jazzy music)
Shove it into it.
Red wine vinegar.
I love the taste of vinegar.
(choking) Don’t do that. Olive oil.
I occurs to me just now that I’m adding the ingredients
in order of the way they’re listed on the paper,
and not at all reading the recipe.
Could this be a problem?
We’ll find out, here on, almost at the end of the video.
Mint, parsley, ice cubes.
We should give our young men the same encouragement
we give (burps) uh, nevermind.
Sugar. Hot sauce.
Add your ice to make sure that it’s nice and cool.
Just like your temper in a hot situation.
Ice, yes.
(sound effects) Ow. Aw. Hmm.
Now we blend it all together, just like how
we blend all of our opinions together
when discussing hot topics, such as
masculinity, femininity, gender roles,
and whether or not toxic masculinity exists.
I know this is going to be a raving debate
in the comments section, and I encourage it.
I love that you guys think about this stuff
and care about this stuff.
And frankly, that is cool.
Just like this gazpacho.
(blender whirs)
Now you pick it up.
Oh my god. Pick up.
I want to understand you.
Part of my feels like this is some sort of sign
that I should not even try.
But I’m going to ignore that part.
I can tell that you are really locked on
to something right now.
(upbeat peppy music)
Nailed it!
Guys, look at this macho gazpacho we made.
Mmm. Smells like freshly blended vegetables.
Tastes like…
(upbeat peppy music)
watery salsa?
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Have a beautiful day, I gotta clean this up,
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It’s not so bad.
Recipe’s in the description (kissing noises)
Talk to you guys soon.