My Drunk Kitchen: Seattle Coffee Cake

well to take oh Boop now right yeah ne be like a pixie woman mp cake and
coffee cake but seriously now that’s what about fish
be careful kids
when people talk about Seattle they say their coffee takes the cake and all i
heard from that sentence was cake so we’re gonna bake a cake coffee cake cake
Rihanna things to do to do to do lucky d bow so a lot of times out of ten they
tell you don’t combine caffeine and alcohol
why is that I wonder I’ll tell you here’s the thing caffeine makes you
super super super awake
alcohol makes you super super super uninhibited caffeine and also reduces
the effects on alcohol so you can like keep drinking more but what it doesn’t
reduces your effect on making good decisions
so what happens is you get really really pumped up and super super drunk they
call it toxic shock syndrome but a bob cake thing meaning who
step open the box yay cake baking instructions stop taking order something
no that’s not what it says big instructions
don’t do it alright the structures ever would
hey guys this is trans pan rent this is what people do when they pretend like
they’re in apps on phone hi everybody these days and I figure out a way to
show you guys what I’m doing without holding it right next to the camera
whoo it’s like it’s crying and looking it gets butter haha get it get it
Oh combine eggs butter and now get ball admix whisk together
that’s disturbing stuff gets can hear what I hear
can anyone hear what I hear now I mean really that nobody else feels this way
suddenly I could drink this and I hated myself
add melted butter great
mm-hmm so yellowy well that’s about a good mix it up you never met somebody
that likes to bake like oh yeah i like to pick it’s always just how I relax and
it’s like just something I do in my free time and you’re like what nail in it
yay bad decisions with like you’re milking a cow you have vegan or anything
right this is filled with milk eggs and butter
ok so holding this new faces like not uncomfortable get on we everything is
the same but you know what oh you might be like that’s not copy cake that’s got
nothing to do with being a normal cake and I’m like I can you read this is what
we get along
we’re gonna add some coffee boo
oh it actually looks pretty good just the dangerous part if I were you I feel
so nervous right now this is like a lava lamp except at the end your cake and
they’re like I wish it was just the lava lamp
it’s so good right up until the end
wow didn’t deserve that but still alive
take it outside in the park I’m gonna go dark family to freedom what if it never
had a chance to have a family right spider is always know when you’re
looking at them because I react like all over here on a good time in your me know
why is your oven so clean
are you a serial killer haha i know i do the box away minutes already
ok happy kids and do you don’t touch the cake it’s burning my fingertips that
begin to thank you for letting me stay close to camera thank you for letting me
use your kitchen and make a wish
hope it’s not poison let me express myself this cake is done shot and always
it’s hot you are savages are you eating this my hand I don’t have any feeling in
my hand we’re not here to have fun
yeah my life messages research
don’t overthink it your message
what you like messing i was i don’t understand think it’s okay and what’s
your like message don’t know right now dr. drugs in my galaxy angel question
poopy versus kitty which would you rather kill