I want to remodel my kitchen..

A great looking kitchen can impress everyone-including you-every time one walks into the room. Integrating some of the best kitchen remodel trends of the year is a great way to optimize this effect.

Eco-friendly materials

As energy prices rise-exponentially-and the effects of climate change become more apparent, environmental consciousness is floating to the forefront of people’s minds. There are many ways to reduce your individual impact on our global environment, but one of the most overlooked actions in this regard is foregoing standard materials in lieu of more environmentally friendly ones. Eco-friendly alternatives include: bamboo, ice stone, reclaimed wood, recycled gas, hemp, quartz e.t.c

Form is functionality
Instead of just adding design elements because they look nice, the kitchen remodel design trends dictate that every form have a function. If your new cabinet doors have a cool slanted style about them, for example, it should be so that they can be easily lifted aside and out of your way when you open them. This allows you to literally get the most out of your kitchen remodel.

Simplistic color schemes
Complex, sometimes eclectic looking color schemes have been suffering a slow death in the kitchen for years. It is good putting an exclamation point on this fact as more and more kitchen designers are using no more than two fairly muted colors for their kitchen designs. It may sound drab at first, but you would be surprised at how amazing a black and white kitchen can look. Before you rule out a simplistic color scheme for your kitchen remodel for your home.

Fixtures that pop
Many kitchen design trends of the past have dictated that your fixture quietly blend into the scenery. Instead, try adding a shiny metal-or even colorful fridge, stove, etc.-to your kitchen remodel for your home.

Storage optimization
Another once popular kitchen design trend that is fading into the abyss is the useless design element. Do not allow false cabinets and the like mar your otherwise beautiful kitchen remodel when they could actually be used for something.

Multi-material counter tops
Who said your kitchen counter tops have to be made up of a single slab of granite and nothing more? While doing a kitchen remodel, try adding a completely different material to contrast with the primary makeup of your kitchen counter tops.

A blend-in kitchen
Along with the bathroom, the kitchen has long been a room that stands out from the rest of the home. Instead of this, try doing a kitchen remodel that actually borrows enough design elements from the rest of the house that it is a seamless transition from the adjacent room.